09 November 2008
It has been a while since I last posted and updated everyone on my life... sorry about that. I have been tremendously busy with my second round of midterms, tests for my health, and this past weekend going to the Madonna concert in Vegas (I just barely got home)!

For those of you who are wondering if I have cancer or not, I don't. The cysts in my liver aren't cancerous, at this moment. They are going to watch me for six month and do weekly blood test and other tests monthly to make sure they don't develop into cancer. They don't know if they will turn into cancer or not so I'm hoping that they don't. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and showing me your support. It meant a lot to me.

There are so many other things that I want to talk about, but I don't have the time. I need to finish my homework that is due tomorrow. You should all be expecting an update on my adventures in Vegas and Madonna!


Hidden said...

OMG MADONNA! That must have been like the most amazing day ever ever! I want updates mister!

OMG AWESOME! So jealous I didn't get to go with to see you smiling and rocking out!

Glad to hear that tests were negative. I was super worried. MUAH! Be strong. Love ya.

Rich said...

Thank God that you don't have cancer. That's a relief. I hope everything else is going okay. Take care of yourself.


Bravone said...

Sean, I am very relieved that it isn't cancer. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Aric said...

Sean, You don't know me but I stumbled onto your blog through links from friends.

I am SO jealous you got to go to the Madonna concert. I was in Vegas all of last weekend, and spent much time trying to hunt down tickets with no success! I was devastated and could only be consoled with other fun Vegas nigh-life activities.

Anyway, enjoyed your post.