The Killers!

25 September 2009

-"Spaceman" by The Killers

In honor of the killers and me gong to their concert tomorrow! I'm pretty much stoked! HUZZAH!


24 September 2009
This is awesome! I want to do this sometime...

Engaged? Married? Gay?

23 September 2009
I have had so many adventures in just one day! I can't believe it. Seriously... It is such a good day because of all of my adventures even though I have a lot of school work, research, work, medical school applications, and everything else going on!

The first adventure came when I ran into someone from my freshman ward. He served a mission and now he is home, obviously. This guy I for sure know is gay. My gaydar went off from the moment I met him and he continued to set it off the more that I interacted with him. My interactions with him today set it off all over again. Today he had a pastel purple shirt on (lilac) and he recently had his hair done with highlights. He was wearing tight jeans and amazing shoes (I want his shoes really bad). As we talked and caught up a little bit, he suddenly says that he has to introduce his fiance to me. I was caught really off guard! He has only been home for three months and he is already getting married! What the crap?!?! This is not right. I wanted to tell him that it's ok to be gay and accept yourself before you get into a marriage, but I held my tongue. His fiance seems really nice and innocent... I believe she is a sophomore that he met in class--making her 19 or 20. Sigh... I hope it works out for them.

My next adventure came when I ran into one of my old friends from high school. I hadn't seen her in ages and we spent some time catching up. I guess that there are some rumors going around the Timpview High School class of 2006 that I am engaged or married. Seriously... I want to know who is spreading those rumors around! hahaha! I have only had one girlfriend in my life and now she is just one of my good friends. I don't know where people are getting these things. I find it highly amusing. Then to add to this adventure, another person from my graduating class said the same thing! I heard it from two mouths and now I guess I only need a third to make the rumor to be legit. I wonder where everybody is getting it from.

My third adventure was in my Immunology class. My professor was talking about "promiscuous" MHCs and she said a lot of things that could be taken the wrong way. The whole time I was stifling laughs. She had no idea what she was saying. Then out of the blue, a really annoying kid in the back of the class says, "Do you think that MHC II DM knocks up MHC Class II?" because she kind of said something similar. Everybody got a good chuckle out of that joke and then she was watching what she was saying for the rest of time. It was a let down... oh well, such is life sometimes.

My last adventure, so far, was with the guy who stares as me on campus. I saw him yet again today. Well, I did see him yesterday too. He was definitely staring at me and so instead of ignoring him this time, I stared right back. I think I freaked him out because he quickly stopped staring. He then quickly packed his bag and then left. My guess is that he doesn't read my blog, that he is gay, and that he is my secret admirer/stalker... I'll have to see if he stays on the same route as me and continue to stare.

That's about it for right now. I may post a few more adventures if they come up today because toady is an adventurous day!

I kind of feel like Dora the Explorer for say that...

Person I See A Lot...

19 September 2009
Dear person that I see a lot on campus who I see staring at me:

If you are reading this blog and recognize me, just come up to me and say hi. I promise I won't be freaked out in the least bit. I see you on campus probably three or four times a week and you are always staring at me. My guess is that you are family, read my blogs, and recognize me from my picture in my profile and the pictures I have posted of myself on all of my blogs. I have never had the guts to go up to you and ask you if you read my blog because what if I am mistaken or what if I freak you out? I don't want to deal with that. I hate drama. On top of that, I'm not sure if you are out of the closet and what if I "out" you and push you further into the closet? I would hate to do that. This goes out to you, person that I see a lot on campus who I see staring at me, I would like you to at least say hi to me and tell me that you read my blogs (this goes out there to anyone who reads my blogs and sees me on campus or around the town). That way I know that you aren't some creepy guy staring at me.


PS If I am with people, please don't come up to me. I'm not out to everyone so I don't want to be outed either (this goes for people that see me from around town too). This shouldn't happen very often because I am usually walking alone when I see you.


18 September 2009

-"Celebration" by Madonna

I so wish I could have been part of this music video! Too bad I don't live in Milan... sigh... Love me some Madonna!

Random Quote

07 September 2009
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
-Paulo Coelho

I came across this quote today and thought I'd share it with everyone because it is so true! When people tell me that there is no way that I can do something, I want to show them up and show them that it can be done. I know that I do this all the time in my life and will probably continue to do it. I wonder if it is because of my competitive spirit.... Does this happen to anyone else?

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

Amazingly pure and simple... Love it!

Which One?

05 September 2009
So here are some very rough drafts of what I would write about if I chose Crohn's or being gay/Mormon for my writing topic. I have been getting a mixed response so I thought that I would write what has been going through my mind and let you guys tell me what you think. Here they are...

"Do you have unique experiences or obstacles that you have overcome that were not covered in your application about which you would like to inform our Admissions Committee?"

I briefly mentioned that I have Crohn’s Disease in my personal statement. There have been many obstacles that I have had to face in learning how to deal with Crohn’s. When I was first diagnosed, I was completely debilitated. I could barely move because of how much pain I was in. Every morning was a struggle to get up, but I would somehow find the will to get up and go to school and work. I was not willing to give up on life because I was sick; I still wanted to live life to the fullest. The only way that I did not make it to school and work was when the doctor hospitalized me or ordered me to stay home. The semester when I was diagnosed was one of my hardest semesters in my college career because I had a hard time concentrating due to the pain that I was in. I also could have given up on my classes because I missed about a third of the lectures. Despite the challenges of not being able to concentrate and missing a lot of lectures, that semester was actually one of my best and I made the Dean’s List. After a year of my diagnosis, I started to become healthier and my Crohn’s was no longer active. This is because I learned how to deal with my disease. I had to learn to watch what I eat, be careful not to have high stress levels, not exercise with too high of an intensity, and pay more attention to my body. Even though my Crohn’s is currently in remission, I still have to watch what I eat and do. I have had to change my life according to my disease. It is a constant struggle, but I have dealt with it and will continue to deal with it. I will not give up on my life and goals because I have Crohn’s disease.

"Do you have unique experiences or obstacles that you have overcome that were not covered in your application about which you would like to inform our Admissions Committee?"

At a young age, I discovered that I was different from most boys. I did not fully understand why I was different, but I knew that I was different. At the age of twelve, I discovered why I was different; I discovered that I was attracted to men. This discovery was hard on me and I felt that I did not belong, especially because I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Growing up gay in the LDS Church was a difficult one. I never felt welcome and that God hated me. I could not tell anyone for fear of being ridiculed and kicked out of the Church. My high school years were full of pain and loneliness. I was not sure who I was and where I was going. I also had nobody to help me through this difficult time in my life. I did know that I wanted to be a doctor because the medical classes in my high school were one of my only sanctuaries. At this time, I could have easily given up on life and accepted a mediocre life. I, however, had other goals and dreams. I wanted to create the best life that I could have and help others have better lives. When I entered college, I learned to accept myself for who I am and my confidence grew when I made friends and succeeded in my classes. As my confidence grew, I learned that I had a power to help others in need, that I could excel in almost anything I tried, and that life was not meant to be full of pain. These lessons helped me become the person that I am today and has given me the desire to work to help others because I know what it feels like to be alone and like nobody cares about you.

Pressing Question

04 September 2009
I have a pressing question for you all and would love your feedback on it. In my secondary applications for medical school there has been a particular question that keeps coming up that I need to write about or just say that it doesn't apply to me. I think it would be best to write something, but what I want to write about isn't the most conventional topic.

Here is the question or something similar: "Do you have unique experiences or obstacles that you have overcome that were not covered in your application about which you would like to inform our Admissions Committee?"

I want to write about being gay and Mormon, but I don't know if this is going to be too much or if I should come up with another topic. This is the only topic that I can really think of though.

I ask all of you, should I write about it or no?

In other news, when I sat down at a table in the library, the guy on the other side looked me up and down and stared at me for a couple of minutes. It was really awkward, yet flattering at the same time. I'm pretty sure he's family.

Mr. T's Fashion Advice

03 September 2009

The title says it all! hahaha!

Take it away Xena and Zena!