Person I See A Lot...

19 September 2009
Dear person that I see a lot on campus who I see staring at me:

If you are reading this blog and recognize me, just come up to me and say hi. I promise I won't be freaked out in the least bit. I see you on campus probably three or four times a week and you are always staring at me. My guess is that you are family, read my blogs, and recognize me from my picture in my profile and the pictures I have posted of myself on all of my blogs. I have never had the guts to go up to you and ask you if you read my blog because what if I am mistaken or what if I freak you out? I don't want to deal with that. I hate drama. On top of that, I'm not sure if you are out of the closet and what if I "out" you and push you further into the closet? I would hate to do that. This goes out to you, person that I see a lot on campus who I see staring at me, I would like you to at least say hi to me and tell me that you read my blogs (this goes out there to anyone who reads my blogs and sees me on campus or around the town). That way I know that you aren't some creepy guy staring at me.


PS If I am with people, please don't come up to me. I'm not out to everyone so I don't want to be outed either (this goes for people that see me from around town too). This shouldn't happen very often because I am usually walking alone when I see you.


boskers said...

It's me. I admit it.

Just kidding! Haha. That's way funny that you have a secret admirer at BYU!