24 November 2008
This post has been long awaited by some of it and it is finally here!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Madonna concert in Vegas and it was AMAZING! It was more than AMAZING! It was SPECTACULAR and FAN-FREAKIN'-TABULOUS! I can say that I can almost die a happy man. There is one thing that would have made me happy and content for life that I'll talk about later in the post.

I went down to Vegas in the afternoon on Friday, November 7th. I went down with two of my best girl friends and it was a blast. On the way down, we took tons of pictures, sang at the top of our lungs, had great conversations, ate a whole box of family sized CHEEZ-ITS, ate at In-n'-Out, and many other adventurous things! It was a blast and a half. We got to Vegas around 7 pm and found our hotel. I got a sweet deal on a four star hotel ($50 per night) and it was amazing! After we checked-in, we got ourselves all pretty, and wanted to go out clubbing. There is one problem... I am not 21. Sad story ensues... There used to be some 18 and up clubs in Vegas, but they all closed down. So we didn't go clubbing. We took my camera and toured the strip and did a lot of shopping instead. Much fun ensued with me running around like a little boy in the various clothing stores. Oh I do love shopping! I didn't buy anything clothing that first night cause I wanted to check out a lot of stores so I could buy what I absolutely loved. We finished shopping about midnight and then headed back to the hotel.

Saturday morning, we got up about 8 and got ready for the day. It was the day that I got to see Madonna! I was like a little school boy prancing around all day! I was so excited. We headed to IHOP and it had to be the worst IHOP that I had ever been to. The food took an hour to get out (the place wasn't even busy) and I had to ask for hot syrup (WTF?!?!). The the waitress was an old raunchy hag that whenever I asked for more water she looked like she wanted to kill me. She didn't dampen my spirit that day. Nothing could! One little treasure we got out of IHOP was this picture. We then headed out to do some shopping! I found a lot of things that I loved and bought a lot! It was a wonderful day. I won at shopping! We then headed back to the hotel, swam, and hung out by the pool working on our tans. We then headed back to our room, showered and got ready for dinner and Madonna! I was getting ready to pee my pants because I was so excited by this time!

We went to dinner at a really good authentic Mexican restaurant--some of the best mole I have ever had! Then we headed off to the MGM Grand for the concert! The whole way there I was bouncing up and down. I couldn't wait! We got to the MGM Grand and I was running as fast as I could to get to the concert. We got into the the arena and I bought a shirt and a jacket. They are so hot (the jacket involves a story that I'll tell later in the post). We got to our seats and sat down. Then this really hot guy and his fugly boyfriend come and sit next to us. My girl friend and I just looked at each other and smiled. He was really hot. We sat there having a good time waiting for the concert to start when all of the sudden some from Madonna's staff was coming up the stairs. She stopped at our row and asked to the the cute guy's tickets. She then went on to tell them that they won front row seat tickets! WTF?!?!?! I was so angry! That could have been me! I could have been at the very front, inches away from Madonna, her sweat falling upon me, and I could have touched her hand! That's right, the cute guy got to touch Madonna's hand! That would have made my life complete! I was so sad, but that didn't last long. My girl friend told me that I should have won the cute guy over and kicked his fugly boyfriend to the curb so I could have gone to the very front and touch Madonna! Sigh... such is my life sometimes. I was so close, yet so far...

As I said, the concert was AMAZING! I can't even describe it. She is by far one of the best performers. It was the best concert of my life. I loved all of her songs, remixes, and everything about it. It was well worth the money I spent on it! The concert lasted a couple of hours and it was a couple of hours in heaven for me. I loved every minute of it! I was on cloud nine for the rest of the night. The rest of the night, we had two really fun adventures! The first came while we were walking home (actually they both came as we were walking home). For all of you have been to Vegas, there are Hispanic men and women that line the streets handing out fliers to get prostitutes. Well, I thought it would be funny to go up and ask to see if they have guys. Then my girl friend would come and grab me and say really loud that I'm not gay anymore and that I am straight. Well, we did it and it was hilarious! The Hispanic people didn't take long to pick up on what I was talking about. All of the sudden about five of the started shouting, "free penis, free penis," while they were trying to hand me the flier about women. I wanted men... ha! It was great fun and gave us a really good laugh.

The second is very similar to the first, yet very different. As we were still laughing and walking back to our room, there was this cute guy and I made eye contact. He looked me up and down and I did the same. I was wearing my Madonna sweater that says "Sticky Sweet" in pink on the front. We walked past each other and then all of the sudden, he taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I just got out of the Madonna concert (his cuteness went totally up when he did this). We chatted awhile and found out that he was going to the show tomorrow. He was really excited. He then asked us what we were doing and where we were going. I answered that we were going back to the hotel. He was really surprised because we were both really hyper and full of energy. He asked why and I had to tell him that I was only 20. He was sad because he said that we seemed like fun people and that he wanted to party with us. I was so sad! I really wanted to go out clubbing and it would have been so much fun! I'm sad that I am only 20... darn being only a couple of months away from being 21. After that experience, we headed back to the hotel without any other incident and talked about the concert and sang songs for about an hour and then headed to bed.

On Sunday morning, we got up and explored the strip. We did some more shopping and then we piled into the car again for the trip home. He did pretty much the same things on the way home as we did on there way there. It was so much fun and I am so glad that I went! It was a good break from everything and I really enjoyed myself. Now, I can almost die a happy man!

I could die a happy man if I got to touch and/or meet Madonna! Her having my children would also be nice... :)

Oh and here is one of our many adventures in the car...

This was fun too...


Kengo Biddles said...

The last picture is the only one of you that looks like the Sean I know.

Hidden said...


Sad that you almost got to touch Madonna. Next time you will be the sexy winner (but you won't have a fugly boyfriend).

Hidden said...


Sad that you almost got to touch Madonna. Next time you will be the sexy winner (but you won't have a fugly boyfriend).