Moving On Up

26 November 2008
Sean, at your convenience, I would like to talk with you about adding to
what you are currently doing - said differently, teaching you about
cloning and putting you on a specific project. I am pleased with your
progress and your independence and suspect that you would learn more by
modifying what you are doing. Let me know some times you are available
and we can set up an appointment.
The professor that I am working with on HIV/AIDS research sent me this and I feel amazing! I really can't describe my emotions right now. This is my chance to be published and move on to bigger and better things. What makes it even better is that I'm doing it as an undergraduate and this will totally help me out when I apply to medical school. Who knows, I might help develop a cure for HIV/AIDS with him and be world famous!

I'm moving on up! :)


Hidden said...

WOW! What a blessing! I am so excited for you! That's amazing! Whooo! You need to celebrate yourself for this one.

Bravone said...

Congratulations Sean. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Z i n j said...

Good deserve such an opportunity!

Kengo Biddles said...

Your post makes me think of this show.

You probably don't know it, it's so old.

Yes. I just dated myself.

Yay for you!

Sean said...


I know exactly what show you are talking about and I was actually singing it while I was writing this post.

Thanks everyone for giving me congratulations! I think it is going to be an amazing opportunity. I start my training today! :)