Madonna Congratulates Barack Obama

11 November 2008

This made me love Madonna even more! :)


Scot said...

We just got back from her concert. I'm not a fan (that's my husband), but she is talented in her showmanship. And hey, it seems we voted the same way.

Sean said...

I just got back from her concert too! Did you go to the Vegas show? I went on Saturday and it was amazing! I loved every minute of it!

Scot said...

We were there for Sunday night's show. If I had known I'd have let you have my ticket; I'm sure my Rob would've had more fun with a true fan like himself :-). She did put on quite a show though.

A CROW'S VIEW said...

These things make it hard for me to stay a fan. I wish that entertainers would stick to entertainment and cease trying to be social prophets.

For years I've used the excuse that I like her music but that I don't like her message and that I just avoid some of the stuff she does, the masturbation stuff during "Like a Prayer" during the "The Blonde Ambition Tour," the pro-gay rights comments, her very libral lifestyle, the lesbian and homoerotic stuff in her "sex" book. And now her comments about Prop 8 and Obama, etc. I was always offended when I was younger when my parents would point out to me how inconsistent it was of me to say I was a loyal fan and supporter knowing the values she stood for. I always defended her and said she was an artist. In some ways it is like someone made cookies with dog poop in them and I like the cookie enough to just "eat around the dog poop."

Madonna has a right to her opinion. She is famous and has lots of loyal fans so therefore she has a large stage to voice her opinions on and there are many who I think if she encouraged them to go stab themselves would go looking for knives. But that being said, she is, well the last time I checked still an American. I know she's left the US to live abroad.

I don't think she is a very good moral example for marriage or anything else. But i do think she is talented both musically and artistically. I respect her for that. I just wish she would use her talents for good.

She is entitled to her opinions, I think she is incorrect on most levels but I will continue to enjoy her music although I still won't promote her message.