Fixing Changing Moods

06 July 2007
I have gotten a few emails and comments from others telling me to not to lose hope and that they are there for me. I really appreciate the support you give me. I love all of you that support me, but I guess my last post gave a misconception of what I do when my moods change from the better to the worse. That last post was just me venting about how I am sick of my "mood swings." That makes me sound like I am going through menopause or something... awkward!

A lot of people seem to think that I am just sitting here doing nothing, hoping and waiting for things to get better. This would also imply that I am trying to hide from my problems and not work on them. This, however, is not the case. Despite my changing moods, I am always proactively striving to better my life and the situation I am in. There are many times that I would like to give up trying. I know that I cannot do this. There are other times that I want God to make everything better, but I know that most of the time he will not. I cannot sit waiting for God to better my life. I have to work to make my life better. God can only do so much. He loves us and wants to help us, but He knows that He cannot always help us or else we will never learn.

I loved Charlie's comment on my last post. She told me that I should be looking for a ray of hope and that in times of her trouble, she tells herself that she is not as great as Joseph or Job. I totally agree with what she told me. We all need to look and hope for something better. If we did not, we would never progress and we would stay in the state that we are in, unless God intervenes (that usually does not happen). I am also definitely not as great as Joseph Smith, Job, and I would like to add the Savior. They did and learned so much in their trials. I would love it if I could have as much knowledge as they gained here on the earth. God taught them through trials, just like he is teaching me and all of you out there. Good luck in your trials and I hope everyone can look for the ray of hope Charlie talked to me about.


Abelard Enigma said...

There are medications which can help with mood swings. Perhaps you should consider talking to a doctor. If you are already on some sort of medication then perhaps you should consider talking to your doctor about switching to something different.

I don't mean to sound like some sort of drug pusher; but, I believe we need to learn to accept help in whatever form it comes to us. And, for some of us, help comes in the form of a little pill :)

Gimple said...

I don't think I need medication. It is just life going its normal course. I am pretty sure that I do not need medication. None of my doctors have ever thought I needed it. I guess we will see what happens.

Charlie said...

Awww I'm mentioned in your post! And I've only met you for like two seconds. But, it's true what I said, so don't forget it! ;)