An Experiment: Update #3

11 July 2007
Last night was a pretty good night for me. My EQ President gave me a call to see how I was doing. I then had him come over to give a me blessing. It was something that I really needed. When I asked him, I was scared and kind of embarrassed to ask him. I, however, asked him. He said that he would be over in a few minutes and he came over with one of my new home teachers. They were both really nice and they stayed to talk to me for awhile. I think that it would have been better for me to be alone with the EQ President so I did not really have to lie about how I was feeling. Oh well, I guess that is the way it goes. Before he left, I wanted to give him a big hug, but then I thought it would be weird with the other guy there, so I settled for a handshake. They left and as I was going to bed, the EQ President texted me and we chatted for awhile. Then I went to bed. It was nothing spectacular, but it was a very kind of him and his willingness to support me. He is great!

Today as I have been sitting in the Cougareat eating lunch, doing homework, and watching people (this is one of my favorite past times), I saw this one guy from my ward. Lately I have been seeing him all the time. I do not know his name, but I recognize him. As I was looking at hi today, I was overcome by the spirit. I felt that God had an immense love for me and that he wanted me to succeed in life. I stopped looking at this guy and the feeling went away. I looked over at him periodically and I kept feeling the spirit very strongly. Is he the one who is supposed to be my friend? It boggles my mind if he is because I have been looking and watching his movements while I have been eating lunch this whole semester. It will be interesting to see who gets chosen.

PS I realized that this sounds really creepy that I like to watch people and that I have been watching this guy for this whole semester. I promise that I am not a stalker. I just like to watch people that intrigue me and he intrigues me.


Abelard Enigma said...

Lately I have been seeing him all the time

Perhaps you intrigue him as well. Maybe you should just go up to him and say 'hi' sometime.

Of course, this is a "do as I say, not as I do" bit of advice as I would probably be too shy and intimidated.

Gimple said...

I don't know if I can do this. I think that I would wet my pants if I went up to him! What would I say? "Hi, my name is Sean and I am in your ward. I have been watching you eat lunch almost everyday this semester. I am really intrigued by you. Do you want to talk?" Holy cow! I wouldn't even know where to begin when I talk to him. I'll have to keep this advice in mind so just in case I find something to talk to him about.

Thanks for the advice and if it happens, it might be another post on how I talked to my intriguing friend.

n/a said...

my opinion is if your having such feelings then I would hold off cause if it were me and he turned out to be the one then if I had previously talked with him it would be completely awkward when the bishop introduced me... so if that made sense great if not forget I said anything

Abelard Enigma said...

Holy cow! I wouldn't even know where to begin when I talk to him.

Uh, you could just say 'hi, we're in the same ward' and leave it at that and let him make the next move.

But, I fully understand how you feel. In addition to wetting my pants, my face would probably turn beet red (which I'm prone to do when I get really nervous) :)

playasinmar said...

"I don't know if I can do this. I think that I would wet my pants if I went up to him! What would I say?"

You could try, "Hello, I'm Gimple. Talking to you made me wet my pants."

You may then suggest a hug. :)

Charlie said...

Hey I've sat in the Cougareat just eating lunch and watching people too! I love doing that. It's not creepy at all. Although, just saying hi to people that are in your ward shouldn't make you wet your pants--but how was I supposed to know? ;)

Elbow said...

I love people watching!