The Spirit

13 November 2007
I am sitting in the chemistry computer lab waiting for my my lab partner to get here. I felt impressed to write this, so I am.

The Spirit works and moves in mysterious ways. Some of the things it tell us to do is sometimes really strange, hard, easy, out of the way, and just plain crazy. I have been sitting on a lot of topics that I have wanted to post for a long time. I was always too scared to do this though. I did not know how they would turn out and how people would react to them. So I never posted them.

Then the other day, I got the impression to post them. The Spirit told me that I needed to start posting them now and not stop until I got out everything that I wanted to say. I do not know why I am supposed to post some of the things that I need to, but I do know that the Spirit has told me to post them. There are more in the making and you all will probably consider them many times less harsh than the first one.

I wonder if these posts will bring any good or if they are just for me.

PS I guess they brought some good because we have a new blog that popped up yesterday that some of you may have noticed. Check it out!


Hidden said...

Um definitely they have good. If nothing else, they have gotten people to reconsider how important their testimonies really are.

I'm excited for the new blog! New bloggers is never a bad thing.

Let's make them feel welcome.


Brady said...

Thanks for following your promptings. I've felt the spirit confirm a lot of the things you've said. God really does work in mysterious ways!