God's Will

20 November 2007
I have been having a lot of really good experiences lately. I have felt really close to God and I feel like what I am doing is right. I also feel like He has a plan and purpose for me. He loves me and He wants me to have a good life. He sees my potential and He is helping me obtain it.

I know that one of my biggest problems is dropping my will, my wants, and my desires and then following God's will. I know that I used to be a lot worse at this, but I have noticed that I have been getting better the more I practice it. As I have noticed, it is quite comforting to start trusting the Lord and turning your life over to Him. You know that He will never lead you astray and that He will help you in your times of need. You know that He provides situations to challenge you and help you grow and in these situations, He has given you all of the tools to succeed and accomplish the task at hand. You know that everything that you go through is for you benefit. I have also noticed that you become more aware of your situations and the potentials hazards there are in them. Turning your life over to the Lord is a powerful tool to help you succeed, reach your potential, and gain every blessing that God sees fit to give you.

This past Sunday, I had a hard lesson in putting my trust in the Lord. At first, I had a melt-down and totally freaked out! I had no idea what to do or where to go from that point and I had lost all hope. I was basically lost. The more I started to think about my hopes, desires, dreams, wants, etc. from before that point, the more I noticed that they coincided with Church and it's teachings and doctrines. I then prostrated myself before God and prayed a long prayer. It was full of tears, but it was also full of hope and faith. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I soon found myself praying that I will have the strength and desire to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do, because He knows what will be best for me. All that I wanted to do was to serve Him. I gave myself up to God and I am continuing to give myself up to God. I am now trying to put Him first in my life, more so than I have in the past. Before this experience, I would sometimes put God first in my life, but I was easily distracted by friends, family, homework, school, work, and many other things. These things matter, but they are not as important as putting God first. God is what matters.

Note: My melt-down did not have anything to do SSA. It is related, but it was something completely different that I would not like to share in a public forum.


David said...

You can always text me or call me if you're having a meltdown! But it sounds like you got through it fine :)

Annabelle said...

Consider yourself lucky that you are humble enough to turn your will over to our Heavenly Father so easily.

I know that is something I struggle with daily. I'm too independent for my own good and it is difficult for me to ask for help from anyone, including a loving Father in Heaven.

Hidden said...

You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being in my life!

Peas said...

It was good to see you yesterday. I love you!! *hug*

One of So Many said...

Turning over one's will to the Lord is hard. I'm curious to know what steps or actions you take to do so.

GeckoMan said...

Brother Therapevo,

I believe God wants us to put him first; I also believe he wants us to take care of our business. We put the Lord first in how we integrate our daily lives with the inspiration He gives us. I trust you already know this, but you said:

"I would sometimes put God first in my life, but I was easily distracted by friends, family, homework, school, work, and many other things."

Yes, it is very easy to be distracted away from God and spiritual guidance. However, the elements of your life that you mention are also important to the Lord, and he trusts you to manage them according to the priorities you set and then practice.

All I really want to say is that you are in a season of preparation for the remainder of your life's work, and the Lord needs you to prepare carefully. Getting your training and relationships in proper order is part of putting God first in your life.

October Rising said...

What you did took a lot of courage.