Adventures with John

22 June 2007
Finals are finally over for me and on Wednesday night, I get an email for John saying that he and a bunch of other MoHos are going hot tubbing. He asked me if I wanted to come. Of course, I decided to go because I love meeting new people and I have wanted to meet John for a while. I pulled on my swimming suit and headed out the door. I got there a little bit early since they were not there yet, so I was waiting for them. The next thing that I know, two cars pull up and someone jumps out of one and starts calling someone. I assumed that this was John and lo and behold my phone starts ringing and it was John. I was introduced to everyone in the group and we headed out to the hot tub.

In the hot tub, it was hot, steamy, and sweaty, but it was from the heat of course! ;) We had a great time talking about nothing and everything at the same time. I got to know new people and some older friends better. I had a great time chatting in the hot tub with them and then there was a leg orgy in the hot tub, but that needs a whole post on its own! We got bored with the hot tub and decided to go pool hopping. We headed to another pool and hot tub and partied! We messed around and talked some more. We eventually called it quits and headed off to bed. Before we all left, we had to give and receive hugs. I love how we are so gay! AtP made the comment that if anybody saw us hugging out there they would definitely think that we were either gay or messed up (we are probably both)!

John has been talking to me about swimming and I was going to show him some of the ropes yesterday morning. I got a text from him about eight saying that he was awake and wanted to go swimming. We met and headed to the RB. It was our luck that they had swimming camps going on and we could not go swimming. We headed to the Provo Rec, they had swim team going on. Then we went to the Scera Pool, they had swimming lessons going on. Finally we went Orem Rec and it was just our luck that they were also doing swimming lessons. We gave up on our quest to go swimming.

We then headed to Kneader's for all-you-can-eat french toast (so good)! We were there for about an hour talking about life, relationships, the church, and love. It was a really good talk. Let me say that I have found an amazing new friend! Huzzah! (that's for you Salad). I am really sad to see him go on vacation with his family and then head back to Moab. I really hope that John decides to come to BYU for law school, because I really enjoyed hanging out with him!

Thanks John for playing with me! :)


playasinmar said...

Egads, hugging? Are you serious?


Gimple said...

I know hugging! It was so scandalous! I couldn't believe it! I almost died to see that everyone was hugging!

I give everyone a giant hug who reads my blog!

Original Mohomie said...

Leg orgy? That's hot.

You hug-slut.

Gimple said...

It was very hot! Why does everyone call me a slut? Just because I like hugs and cuddling doesn't make me a slut, maybe a whore, but not a slut!

John said...

Yay for meeting other mohos... in groups this time ;) And thanks for the chat time. It was great. Hopefully I will see you when I come up next week.

ps... my trip was awesome. I will be posting about it soon.