Dating Salad

23 June 2007
Drex is finally coming back home today from his escapades in Florida. Before he left, he asked me to watch after and take care of Salad. Salad and I, however, might have taken it a little out of context. We ended up going on a couple of dates together. They have all been really fun and he have talked about a lot of topics. I do not think that this is what Drex had in mind when he asked me to take care of her. Taking his future wife out is probably not the best thing, but I guess that it does not matter now. We have already gone out!

Last night we went to Costa Vida for dinner and had great conversation about many random and fun topics. We then headed to the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater to see Ragtime. Yes, it was a musical and I guess that makes my gayness obvious! I do not care though! I had a great time and really enjoyed the whole production of it.

When we first got there, we watched little children running up to the stage and playing games. There was also a woman with down's syndrome yelling at them. It was a really funny and cute situation. The director came out on stage to introduce the production and Salad pegged him as gay, I concurred. The whole rest of the musical we ended up pegging a couple of others. Salad also believes that the whole black population in Utah County was in this play and I would have to say that almost the whole black population was in this musical. These are not the points that I wanted to bring up though. I found the musical to be a very spiritual experience for me.

I felt the inklings of the spirit in the first half of the musical. It mainly happened when they were talking about walking into the darkness together to find the light. Then at the very end, it talked about how everyone has a purpose here in life and that we should not waste our life in darkness, never fulfilling our purpose. This really hit me as something that I must do. There might be times in my life where I get discouraged and want to do things that I should not. I just need to remember that God has a plan and a purpose for me. I must do my best to fulfill that purpose! We all need to fulfill our purposes. We have SSA for a reason and hopefully we will not stay in darkness, never fulfilling our purposes.

Seeing the musical with Salad could not have happened at a better time in my life! Drex, thanks for letting me date/take care of Salad!


drex said...

No, that's pretty much what I had in mind. ^_^

Thanks for taking care of and pampering my fiancee while I was gone. Hopefully she wasn't too much of a hassle. ;)

salad said...

I'm never a hassle :P