23 April 2007
So this past Sunday we kind of had a testimony meeting. It wasn't a full on one, but the Bishop gave us some time to get up and bear our testimonies. I was really feeling the Spirit because everyone was testifying of the Savior. As you can tell from my last post, I have a deep connection with Christ (more so now than ever before). I was on the verge of tears during the whole meeting. Then I decided to get up, but I was not going alone. I asked Caitlin if she would get up with me. She said yes and off we went. It was a really good experience bearing my testimony. I had not done it in a long time and everything about it felt right. My testimony strengthened a lot of truths in my mind and I am glad that I was able to do it. The power of a testimony is remarkable!

After I was done, Caitlin went to bear her testimony, but the Bishop stopped her. He wanted a musical number to perform before she went. He then talked about a scripture about the importance of needing to repent and gaining the forgiveness we seek. This was really kind of awkward for me because I just went through that whole process and he said it right after I bore my testimony. It was like he was telling the whole world that I used to be a sinner and that I just finished the repentance process, at least I thought this in my head. I know it is not true though. I talked about the Atonement and gaining forgiveness in my testimony. Someone may have needed to hear my testimony and that scripture to start the repentance process. I am not sure, but it was really awkward to hear him say that right after I bore my testimony... Caitlin then bore her testimony. It touched me a lot. She is amazing and beautiful! Testimony meetings are so good!

That's all except for only two more finals to go! Hooray!


Brady said...

I like the "awkward" label. I hope you get to use that one a lot! Sounds like it definitely was awkward though... some bishops are a little too gung-ho if you ask me. I think they mean well though.