Things That I Love

10 October 2007
This is just a list of some different things that I love:

1. Swimming, because there is nothing better than pushing yourself to your limits, feeling dead after you do it, and feeling sense of accomplishment.
2. Shopping, because nothing beats good clothes and the new clothes' smell.
3. Singing, because it is ever so much fun to blast music on the stereo and sing-a-long to it.
4. Cooking, because nothing tastes better than a good home cooked meal.
5. Scary Movies, because you get a thrill and a laugh.
6. Chick Flicks, because they make me laugh and the stories are usually magnificent.
7. Final Fantasy X, because it is a good get-a-way for me.
8. Laughing, because having a good laugh always makes you feel better.
9. Meeting New People, because there is always a mystery of how things are going to turn out.
10. Talking to my Parents, because they always know the right things to say and they are usually very supporting.
11. Receiving a Blessing from a Good Friend, because they always seem to know you pretty well and they always know the right things to say.
12. Wearing Good Cologne, because it is always nice to get compliments on how nice you smell.
13. Walking, Swimming, Running, and Biking in the Rain, because it feel so refreshing and it is not something that you can do everyday.
14. Wearing the Color Green, because it is my favorite color and I also look amazing in it!
15. Getting a Big Hug, because it always makes you feel a little bit better.
16. Going Clubbing (Especially 80's Dancing), because it is fun, full of aerobic exercise, friends are there, and you can meet new people.
17. Getting a Good Grade on a Test, because nothing says accomplishment like an "A."
18. Talking with Relatives, because there are so many different memories and things that you can talk about.
19. Having an Annoying Brother, because there is never a dull moment in my house.
20. Having Good Friends, because I know that they care about me and that they like me for me.


playasinmar said...

...still never seen you get/give a hug... :)

MoHoHawaii said...

You mentioned recently that you want to quit considering yourself gay.

And so you post this list?



Brady said...

I think he was just meaning he wanted to quit using the identifier "gay" to describe himself (because of the negative connotations). That doesn't mean he can't still be flamboyant! :)

I loved this list! So many of these I read and thought, 'yep, that's Gimple!' Only you would laugh at scary movies, although I'm starting to now as well... I think you're rubbing off on me. And I think you forgot one:

21. Brady, because he's pretty much the coolest person ever.

Annabelle said...

It's a good list. I vote yes to all of them. :)

Kengo Biddles said...

I especially agree with number 21. :)

salad said...

22. Salad, because she's pretty much the best date on the planet ;)