New Name

16 October 2007
I am really surprised that nobody has asked me about my name change and nobody has asked me about why I changed my name. I guess nobody really asked me about my other name too. So I guess that id does not matter that much.

Well, I thought that some people might like to know, so I am going to tell all of you. My new name Therapevo Ydata means "Healing Waters" in Greek. Why did I choose to be known as "Healing Waters?" Well, it is because I am utterly fascinated with water. Water also has so many properties and it brings back good memories for me. It also reminds me of the waters of baptism (the cleansing and healing within) and the cleansing pools where Christ healed the man waiting for the waters to be moved. With the healing, I want to be a doctor and healing and helping people have always been on my mind. Healing is also very important to me because Christ has many times healed my broken heart and has forgiven me.

I thought that Therapevo Ydata seemed really fitting because of who I am and my testimony of Christ.


drex said...

"Healing Waters" by Michelle Tumes. Check it out. You'll like it.

You can listen to it as attached to the mission video my mission put out (I promise, it's a good one. Seriously).

Seriously, check it out. I don't usually whore out youtube links. (:

GeckoMan said...

Good for your progress, and I'm OK with a name change, if I could only pronounce it ("It's all Greek to me!") So, come up with an easy abbreviation or acronym for us linguistically challenged...

Note: However, 'TOP' would be acceptable in circles other than ours!

And by the way, since you're so drawn to water, did you ever see my poem, 'Skinny Dipping'? (I wish I knew how to create a link inside a comment, but you'll just have to use the search function.)

Hidden said...

You punk Drex! I wanted to tell him about that song and the video link!

Too bad this is the first time I've been able to look at blogs in like 3 weeks, which is why, Gimple, I have not said anything about your name change. But I love it.

You continue to amaze and inspire me.