Priesthood Session

06 October 2007
I really did not want to go to Priesthood Session, but now I am really glad that I went. The moment that I walked in the Stake Center with my dad, I was overcome by the Spirit. The talks were all very good and were just what I needed to hear.

Elder Perry started it off with a very profound talk on raising the bar. I started to feel during his talk that I have reached a certain level in my life and I have just been sitting there for a while now, probably about a month. I now feel like it is time to raise the bar higher for myself so I can grow and progress some more. By the way, I loved his analogy of his son and high jumping! It was great and really reminded me of swimming.

Elder Perry's talk set the mood for the rest of the night. Other speakers spoke on how to better your life and what to stay away from. I love the analogy of preparing before the earthquake/trial strikes (I do not remember who said this).

The other talk that had a huge effect on me was President Eyering's. It was just amazing! He told us to remember what we had gone through in the past and us that to help us get through what we are going through now. Remember the mercy of God, remember the sacrifice of Jesus, remember what you have accomplished, remember that God has always been there in the past, He is here is right now, and He will always be here for us. It was great!


Brady said...

It's funny because I commented to more than one person about how Priesthood session was my least favorite session of Saturday. Pres. Eyring's talk was pretty much the only one that I was really impressed by. But maybe you were more prepared than me, or maybe there were things more directed at you. Anyway, I'm glad you heard what you needed to. That's always an amazing feeling!

Some Like It Hot said...

I really enjoyed the Priesthood session, I felt like I just zoned out of the earlier sessions.