Dancing Queen & Caitlin

18 October 2007
I talked about Dancing Queen in my post about going 80's Dancing. I have had some really good experiences with her and a couple bad, but overall, our relationship seems to be pretty good. We are not officially dating. It is more of an informal dating. It is really sad that I have not seen her in a long time (about 2 weeks). I guess last week was General Conference and she went up to visit her family in SLC and this past weekend, she was working every night and I was working during the day. So, it has been pretty scanty in hanging out/dating her department.

I saw her today, briefly, during class break. We both decided that we are way too busy with midterms, projects, and life in general to go out this weekend. We, however, decided that we are going out/hanging out after midterms. I miss hanging out with her and seeing her smiling face. She brings me so much joy. I like her a lot and I know that she likes me. I wonder if it will go anywhere...

I had an interesting lunch a couple of Saturdays ago between sessions of General Conference with Caitlin. I have not seen Caitlin for about 5 months! It was insane! The last time that I saw her was when I attempted to kiss her (I wish that I would have never made this attempt because we are just really good friends and we already broke up once. Why did I bring it up again? I do not know). We were really great friends we had been in close proximity for 2 months, but we never hung out.

When I went to pick her up for lunch, I was kind of scared that it was going to be kind of awkward since the last time we saw each other is when I tried to kiss her. It, however, was not awkward for me at all! I hope it was not awkward for her at all. We had a good time at Jason's Deli. We sat there talking for 2 hours and we decided that we better leave so we could watch General Conference. I stayed at her place to watch General Conference with her and we both kind of feel asleep a couple of times. Oh well, it happens! I felt like our friendship is still strong and I hope to hang out with her again soon, because I miss hanging out with her. She is pretty much fabulously amazing!

Things are getting better in life and I hope that shopping this weekend is going to cheer me up! I love shopping and Hilary Duff!


Felicity said...

I, too, LOVE Hilary Duff. Glad to hear there's something else we have in common :)