When Something Goes Wrong...

02 May 2007
Has anyone else noticed that when something goes wrong, everything goes wrong? I am definitely noticing it today and it is painful! I am not going to go into detail on the subjects leading me up to these feelings, but I will list them.

1. Attempting to kiss Caitlin last night ... did not happen
2. Many of my closest friends are now at home
3. Not getting a good night's sleep
4. Waking up late
5. Rushing getting ready and eating breakfast
6. Barely making it to class on time forgetting that we had to dress in issue
7. Not noticing the time and leaving my weight training class late
8. Running to Spanish class late
9. While running to Spanish class, I tripped down the stairs and sprained my ankle (it is now huge and I can barely walk)
10. Walking into class late with a limp and having to walk across the whole room to get to a seat
11. Learning Spanish ... it is not really happening
12. Finding out that a worker cannot work her shift and I have to cover during a class.
13. Getting 6 boxes that I have to put away
14. Finding out that you are almost out of money in your checking account and having to take money out of savings
15. I do not know what else is going to happen, but I have a feeling like I will be able to add about 10 more by 6 tonight!

Sometimes (dramatic pause...) life sucks!


Hidden said...

Amen to that. When things go wrong, they go wrong!

1. Woke up late
2. Felt like I got hit by a train
3. Hitting my elbow on the door on the way out
4. Having my chair break during lunch which led to great embarassment and a ripped elbow...which still hasn't stopped bleeding.
5. 3 seconds later biting all the way through my lip.
6. Trying to scrub the walls in my apt and breaking a nail...too low so I bled there too.
7. Cleaning the fridge and hitting my head standing up
8. Tripping down the steps though thankfully not spraining my ankle...)
9. Having ticket prices go up $3 the day of the concert
10. Getting charged $6.50 for a "service charge" to print the damn tickets
11. Getting in a fight with your best friends for dumb reasons

Watch I'll get hit by a car or die in the mosh pit tonight...sigh. At least I'm going to a concert. Watch now the band won't show up.

Life SUX!!!
~Hidden - meta-post #44