FHE, Parents, and Michael Jackson ... oh my!

13 May 2007
As you can probably tell from the title, it was one of those weeks that are amazing! This week has been insane, inspiring, and unique. I guess I will start with FHE with the Matis’.

I went to the MatisFHE with Calvin and Hidden. FHE was really good and that is probably an understatement. Brother Millet was so inspiring and he helped gain a new perspective on life. One thing that he said had a profound effect on me. He said that God expects us to aim in the direction of his goals for us. We will most likely never hit the bull’s eye, but that does not matter. The only thing that matters is that we are aiming in the right direction. This affirmed the idea in my mind that as long as we are trying, God will bless and help us try to get closer to the bull’s eye. He also said some other things that helped me see the gospel as individualistic, yet at the same time having some constrictions. This idea was more affirmed in my mind when I talked to my mom about what Brother Millet said.

During Brother Millet’s presentation, I felt the Spirit very strongly and an extreme love that my parents have for me. When I felt this, I started to cry. I also felt like I should go talk to my mom. I dropped Calvin and Hidden off and I went to talk to my mom. I she getting ready for bed and she could tell that I had been crying. She thought that something was really wrong, which was true. I have been having a hard time with life. We talked about love, girlfriends, boyfriends, struggles, trials, etc. It was a really good talk. She has opened up a lot and she understood my points. She told me that she felt that God is with me that everything will be alright.

This idea was also expressed the next day in a blessing from my dad. I thought it was going to be a completely different blessing. I thought that it was going to bless me to stay strong and true and to be faithful and full of hope. To my surprise, I was not blessed with any of these things. I was told to focus on school and staying close to God. Then I was told that everything will work out. God is watching out for me and he wants me to succeed!

After Monday and Tuesday, nothing exciting happened until last night. Last night Calvin, Hidden, and I went swimming, to an 80’s dance, and then swimming again. It was such a fun night! Hidden was dressed up as Michael Jackson and Calvin and I had clashing pink shirts. It was an amazing dance! I met a lot of Hidden’s friend and we wanted to go swimming again, so we went! We got kicked out of my pool so started pool hopping. In another pool, we decided to play truth or truth (Calvin’s idea) and it was funny. I felt kind of bad because I had to lie about my first kiss. My first kiss was with a guy and I could not tell all of my new friends that I was gay! I guess it probably does not matter if they know. This week was so good (well at least the beginning and the end of it)!


Brady said...

Glad you had a good week. 80's dancing sounds like tons of fun, I wish I was there!

And I'm glad your blessing was meaningful for you. God definitely DOES want you to succeed! The hard part I've had is in defining success. So many people define it so differently. I guess it comes down to effort and trying. But surely there has to be something more concrete...

mollie said...

i apologize for making this comment on your blog, but... check your facebook. and then delete this comment. i just wanted you to get the message. :)

-L- said...

Thanks for sharing the thoughts from Bro Millet. I often think it would be fun to go to one of these FHEs. But it would be quite a drive for me... :-)