You DON'T NEED A Boyfriend To Feel Good!

17 April 2011

Absolutely loved this video! I was laughing the whole time.


Bravone said...

Ha! I almost turned of this video because it's Sunday and the language didn't feel quite appropriate for the worshipful mood I'm in, but somehow I think I got his message, or at least a powerful impression of my own from listening. We are often waiting for happiness to come our way - after this semester, after graduation, after a new job, after I marry or find a partner.

He make a great point that if we aren't happy alone, we won't be happy with someone either. Happiness comes from within. Happy people find happiness in whatever circumstance they are in, and it is simply enhanced when shared with another happy person.


Ben said...

This was pretty great! I can't believe he can talk that fast. I wonder if it was scripted.