Interesting Walk Home

09 June 2011
Today, I had an interesting walk home. I was strolling along and minding my own business when a black truck with its window down passed me. The person inside yelled out, "Why are you walking faggot?" He continued driving. I had no idea why he called me a faggot. I don't think I look "faggy" today. I was wearing a white and gray, horizontal striped shirt, a pair of light washed straight leg jeans, my green and grey backpack, and a pair of tennis shoes. Does this scream faggot? I didn't think so. I kept on walking and ignored his comments. As I continued on my way, he circled around and pulled up again. He said the same loverly phrase again and I kept ignoring him. Then out of the blue he decides it would be ok to throw a beer can at me. Luckily he sucked at throwing and completely missed me. This man was such a true gem of society. I wish everybody could grow up to be like him and throw beer cans at people instead of being nice.


Leslie Elaine said...

I am sorry that happened to you Sean. People are dumb and it didn't seem like you were dressed 'faggy' at all. I love you!

Ben said...

That's kind of terrifying! I mean, what if he decided to do something violent? Perhaps he knows you somehow? Or someone tipped him off? You should carry mace or something. I say it's better to be safe than sorry.

Trev said...

Ugh, you should get the license plate number and call the police.