Missing Out

08 April 2009
Don't you ever feel like you are missing out on things so you can achieve your life goals?

Well, I certainly feel that way right now. I hear of friends going out and having a good time--sometimes they invite me to come along, but I don't go. This is due to the fact that I'm taking the MCAT really soon! I wish I could have the best of both worlds, but I know myself too well. I know that if I go out and play/party, I will feel guilty later about not studying, especially when I don't do as well as I hoped to do on the MCAT. I keep telling myself it is only a couple weeks away and that everything will get back to normal--where I can have fun and see friends again. It doesn't help out too much right now though. I

also keep telling my that all of my studying is paying off and it is. I took a practice test yesterday and got a 36! I was totally pumped! My goal score is a 35 and I'm thinking about increasing it to a 40. I've been consistently getting better and I really hope that when test day comes, I'll get the at least a 35. I would be completely stoked if I got a 40 because that means that I could go anywhere I wanted to, I achieved my goal, I have bragging rights with some of my friends, I can possibly get a couple of scholarships, I am one step closer in achieve my believed purpose in life, and I can celebrate hardcore.

Despite the things that I am missing, I know that things will be better off for all of my hard work. Then life can get back to normal. Sigh... back to studying... :)


Z i n j said...

good luck on the test...you'll succeed in whatever you do because of your positive approach. I wish I could peer into the future to see that "moment in time" .... that we all face sooner or later that determines our spiritual path with the church. Somehow your positive nature will embrace that moment.

Scott said...

Good luck! We lived with my brother when he was taking the test and applying to several schools and I remember what a stressful time it was for him. You seem to be as motivated and driven as he is, and I don't doubt that you'll be at least as successful (he's now a partner in a urology practice in Michigan and doing very well).

Bravone said...

Yes, sometimes we do miss our on things, but in the long run we are blessed to enjoy many things that we would have otherwise missed out on had we not made the earlier sacrifices.