25 March 2009
With the MCAT almost a month away, I feel relatively calm. This calm, however, is instilled with the knowledge of how much I still need to study and work to get my goal score of a 35. I have taken a couple of practice tests and my highest grade has been a 29. I am happy with my results because my science sections are amazing! I'm scoring in some very high percentiles. My verbal reasoning, however, hasn't been doing too well. I have been struggling because my mind is so detail oriented that I have a hard time picking out inferences and intentions of the author. I guess it is one of the curses of having a semi-photographic memory. I'm working on it though and my scores have been improving. If I can get a 10 on it, I'd be ecstatic because that means I would most likely surpass my goal of 35. There is also an essay portion, but I'm not too worried about that because my MCAT teacher has told me that I can write some good essays in a half an hour's time. It's so close... I can feel my dreams/goals/purpose in life coming true!

PS Due to the nature that the MCAT is going to be in about a month, I'm probably going to be hermit for the next month! Hooray for hermitism! ;-)


kyle said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes when you find out.