Finding Meaning

12 October 2008
And I had to be alone because anyone who came near me invaded me. Only in the absence of people could I boil myself down to a clear broth and add things a little at a time. Occasionally I would venture out into the world with someone else as my escort, but it guaranteed nothing. Each random moment of interaction held danger.

-Julie Gregory, Sickened
I can relate with Julie. Sometimes you need to run away, leave the world, friends, and family behind, look deep within yourself to find out who you really are, and then build yourself back up from a clear broth becoming who you want to be without the influence of others.


Hidden said...

This is so true. And part of why I have gone where I have gone.

So that alone, without the influence of friends, I may work diligently to build myself into the man I wish to be, not anyone else.

David said...

I hate being alone...for some reason it scares me. Maybe I need to take a more positive viewpoint of it...recognize that being alone doesn't have to equal loneliness.

Z i n j said...

I relate .....It is the only place where the monsters don't chase me. Sean, my path is not open. I live in the hidden world so escape is good.