Shooting Drugs

15 July 2008
I have started yet another medical treatment--it is the really expensive one that I talked about in an earlier blog. I had my first treatment on Friday and it was wonderful! I was in the IV Fusion ward (it is where chemotherapy and other drugs like that are given) of the hospital for three hours. I sat and relaxed in chair, read, ate, and drank tons of water. The medicine was not too painful but it felt really weird going in and as time progressed I could actually feel it in my system. It was a crazy feeling. I finished about 1 and continued with my day.

Friday was an ok day because the drugs were clogging my mind and causing severe headaches, nausea, and heartburn. I went to see Hancock with Salad, Drex, and Michael for Salad's birthday and had fun. Then I went to my brother's birthday party. I met a girl there who was a lot of fun and she seemed to be interested in me. I got her phone number and we text off and on. I think I will take her out sometime. That night I slept really well--it was the first night in about a month where I did not wake up in severe pain.

Saturday was a wonderful day! I felt so good. I have not felt that good in months. I did a lot on Saturday because I felt so good. My friend Traveller came from Salt Lake to hang out with me. Michael came later and we played, ate, DDRed and ice blocked! It was so much fun and so worth it. I did receive some injuries from ice blocking but it was nothing too serious (one is in the picutre). Then Calvin came over later and the four of us watch "Who's That Girl." It is an 80's movie with Madonna--I absolutely love her. It was a blast and a half. It was one the best days that I have had in long time. My mom got mad at me and told me that I needed to take it easy, but I had to play because I felt so good. I again slept really well the next night. Everyone also commented on how good and how much better I looked today.

Sunday was another good day. Church was ok and I was supposed to have a meeting with my bishop to put my service mission papers in, but he was in surgery--he had been in surgery since 6 that morning so I really did not care or fault him because he was helping someone have a better life. Then I read a lot and went over to Salad's and Drex's for her birthday. It was again fun and I ate pie! Something that I have not had in long time. I was still feeling good, but I started to notice something was a little off as the night progressed. I really did not think anything of it. Then I went to bed and slept the whole night again.

Ever since that initial feeling of something being a little off, I have been having some problems pop up again--pain and trouble digesting. Other than that, things are going well. I probably should take my mom's advice and take it easier which I am going to do. I did not expect everything to be better in one treatment, but I was really surprised with how good I felt the next day. I have another treatment on the 25th and I hope it will continue to my body good.

This experience just shows everyone and myself that things always get better. Just stick it out and take one step at a time.


Silus Grok said...

So good to hear!

Thanks for keeping us posted.


Michael said...

Ice Blocking = Amazing!

Hope you get back to feeling like you did over the weekend! It was lots of fun and we should do it again sometime. I also want you to feel better so we can go 80's dancing!

A CROW'S VIEW said...

Even though I never hear from you, you are always in my prayers. I hope you are feeling better. I hope when I get out there in Oct that you will be up and ready to cause trouble.