April Fools?

01 April 2008
Today was such a weird day for me. First of all, I was up really late last night. Then I actually woke up up to my alarm which has not happened since I started having insomnia. I got to school about an hour early so I could do some homework and last minute touch ups on my homework that was due for my first class. I turned in my homework and sat down. Next thing I heard was "Die Another Day" by Madonna. I quickly answered my phone (after singing along in my head for a little while).

On the phone was the BYU Catering Service. I thought that it was really weird for them to be calling me. I told them that I did not order anything. They told me that I had a care package that someone made for me. I started thinking, "Yeah right, April Fool's. Nobody ever does something like this for me or would even think to unless it is a prank." The reason I thought this was because Delilah works in a kitchen at BYU and I thought she set it up. They told me that I needed to pick it up before they closed at 6:30 pm. I could handle that. It was 9 am.

I went in about 3 pm and kept thinking to myself that it was an April Fools joke. I sat down and waited for the receptionist to get off the phone. She asked me if I had a pick up. I told her yes and then she brought out a lovely surprise for me. It was a goodie bag of treats, a drink, and bubbles (personally, I love bubbles and being able to play with those when I went outside made me really happy). It had a giant smiley face balloon and a note that said, "You are the greatest!" It was really sweet of whoever did this for me. I do not know who did it but if you read my blog, thanks! I really appreciate your random act of kindness because I have not been feeling too well lately and it really brightened my day. It is times like these that I am truly grateful for the friends that I have and the love they share with me.

PS I do have some suspicions of who sent me this but I am not going to call anyone out.

PPS Happy Birthday Caitlin!


October Rising said...

I knew you'd like the bubbles ;)

Anonymous said...

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