For the Love of God

11 February 2008
What would do you for the Love of God?

Nothing! That is how wonderful he is. You do not have to give a thing to have God love you. He loves you no matter what.

I think that a lot of us forget an important part of our inherent identity. We are all children of God and He loves us no matter what we do, say, or become. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, bi, white, black, or yellow (I've never got why people of Asian descent are considered "yellow"). He always love us the same.

I know that there are times that we feel lonely, unloved, lost, and confused. I challenge you to remember that God loves you and that He will never leave you because you are His son or daughter. He is reaching out to you and if you reach out to Him and believe, you can feel His overwhelming love for you.

Yesterday was definitely not my day. I woke up really sick and in extreme amounts of pain. Then my mom came downstairs and told me that an old family friend died. She was like a grandma to me because she took care of me during the summer while I played with her grandchildren. She was always so nice and she genuinely loved me as I loved her. I got ready and then went to church. The pain and sickness continued. We went over to our friend's house. It was sad, but it was good to see her go because she was 95. I then came home to do homework for a little while before dinner. The pain and sickness made it hard to concentrate. We ate dinner and then I tried to do more homework. After that, I tried to relax myself to get rid of the pain and sickness. I couldn't. I then tried to go to bed, but I ended up crying in the fetal position because it hurt so bad. I just wanted to die. I then let out a cry to God. I felt His love so strongly and I felt that everything will be alright. I also felt that I am going through this to make me stronger, to make me realize my dependence on Him. I tend to not depend on God because I can feel like I can do it on my own, but I cannot. I need him. I need Him, His love, His help, and His comfort.

He will help you as long as you do everything that you can do and try your best and then call upon Him. This is because He loves you and He will do anything for you. He even sent his Only Begotten to die for us because He loves us.


Abelard Enigma said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. There's lots of crud going around these days.