Worshipping an Idol

13 September 2007
I was just reading in Isaiah about how in the final days there will be much worship of idols. God will eventually destroy these idols and destroy those who worship them. Only the righteous who serve God and follow his teachings will be saved and receive higher exaltation (I am sure that there might be a few exceptions to this, but only a few. That means not the entire gay population).

What idols do you, the world, and I worship? Well, a lot of us have been taught that idols in our time can be almost anything that takes away from the Spirit and causes us not to concentrate on God. Idols can be everything and anything you make them to be. This got me thinking, as a lot of things do.

Could fostering thoughts about a homosexual relationship be an idol? I think so because it is something that takes away from the Spirit, it is not the path we are supposed to be on, and we do not concentrate on God and His Plan of Salvation. We are looking at an alternative lifestyle and it is not one that God prescribes. This is singing idol in my book! How are we supposed to work on a Celestial marriage if we are constantly hoping for a relationship with a guy? How are we supposed to reach the Celestial Kingdom with a guy? How are we supposed to be happy forever if we worshiped the idol down here on earth and then we go to heaven knowing that?

I realize that some people might justify these thoughts by saying that God gave them to me, but one must also realize that in ancient Israel, God also allowed them to have idols to test to see if they would serve him or the idols. Who will you serve? God or your idols?


playasinmar said...

I've always believed that an idol is anything that stands between you and God because you placed it between you and God.

So can fostering thoughts about a homosexual relationship be an idol? It's possible. the same way that fishing or Monday Night Football can be idols...

...if you place them between yourself and God.

Chedner said...

Maybe I have a skewed mind, one could perhaps argue such, but I've found that my focusing on trying to land me a Celestial Mate was becoming a major idol in my life. My focus was on myself -- 'getting the gold' -- and not on God and serving Him, building up His Kingdom. Quite frankly, I can serve Him just as much as I am than if I were married... so, at least for me, seeking marriage was an extremely selfish and idolic behavior, taking up time I could have been using to serve God's children.

Gimple said...

Chedner, I don't believe that you have a skewed mind. I think that is a possibility also. God has basically commanded us to have balance in everything we do and I can see how finding a Celestial Mate can cause an off balance if you put too much into it.

Playa, that is what I was trying to get at.

Kalvin said...

You're most ungenerous to gays. To think that the only goodness comes from LDS people is fallacy. Gays are just sexual retards. How can they be held accountable?

Gimple said...


These are just my beliefs and you can take them or leave them. I am a gay too and I don't think we are sexual retards. I am perfectly capable of handling myself.

Everyone is held accountable for their actions here on earth. What else would be the purpose here in life? It is to try and find a better way and live the way that God wants us to live.

I also don't believe that goodness only comes from LDS people. I know a lot of people who are nonmembers who are amazing people and some of my best friends. I also know members who aren't the best people. So please don't accuse me of not knowing that there are other good people out there who aren't LDS.

playasinmar said...

Remember: when facing the accusation that as a homosexual you are a "sexual retard" it's best not to defend oneself by saying, "I am perfectly capable of handling myself."

SSA said...

If an idol is an obsession, then yes, my Same Sex Attractions themselves are an idol. It's not that I put them between me and God, but they are between me and God because I let homosexual feelings dominate everything I do. I don't make decisions without thinking about it in relation to SSA. It prevents me from functioning as a normal person. In that sense, I think it is something that needs to be taken care of before the end of the world. I'm so glad I'm not a doomsdayer and think the end of the world is tomorrow.