Top 5 Biggest Fears

22 November 2009
  1. Failure
  2. Not being able to help others, especially those I care about
  3. Hurting others, especially those I care about
  4. Not getting into medical school
  5. Losing my passion and dreams in life
Why do all of these seem to becoming true all at once? Sigh...


Troy said...

That's the way it works ;) sometimes in tough situations, our other fears can become exaggerated and seem to compound the problem were facing. miss you sean. you'll do great :)

BB said...

turn that sigh into a deep breath. then take another. Things will work out and I know that sounds cheezy and trite, but I think the lord will guide you to where you need to be.

boskers said...

Just keep on being the persistent, confident, energetic person you are. Even if things don't turn out the way you wanted, there are still alternatives.

And if you're hurting the ones you love, then tell yourself to stop it. I know it's never as simple as that, but everyone needs to start somewhere. :)

You're a good guy. I'm rooting for ya!

darkdrearywilderness said...

What Boskers said. Long time no talk, Mr.!

Robert said...

If it's of any comfort, you have definitely helped me and you've never hurt me. I do understand some of what you're feeling. But, allow yourself some flexibility in when you achieve your goals. There are plenty of doctors who didn't get in the first go-round. It happens. Regarding failure, I've always heard and believed that you've only failed when you've given up. That might sound lame, but you've got to agree that it's true. Love you Sean. Take some time to regroup, to see where you're at, and to figure out what you should do from here. Don't be too down. You've got a lot of people who love you and who have no doubt AT ALL that you'll be doing much better soon. You are a very impressive person Sean. You are. Love you man. :)