27 November 2009
I've set a course out for future plans if medical school doesn't work out this year. These are my plans after I graduate in April:
  1. Move to California
  2. Get a biomedical/biochemistry related job (I'm already working on this one and my cousin Val Pal is setting me up with her friend who works for a biomedical company)
  3. Gain residency in California
  4. Expand my resume
  5. Volunteer at a charity medical clinic
  6. Continue coaching swimming, if possible
  7. Take the GRE
  8. Take the GRE: Biochemistry Supplement Test
  9. Reapply to medical school
  10. If option 9 doesn't work again, apply to graduate school and move on
I hope all of this works out, if I'm not admitted into medical school this year. Thanks for all of your support. I do appreciate it.


boskers said...

This sounds like an awesome plan! I'm happy for you! :)