06 December 2007
This is going to be a quick one because I am so busy with the end of the semester right now. I look at my past experiences in life and ask why I had to go through them. I see them as a way to help others and to grow. I see them as testimony builders and building blocks for a successful life. I see them as ways to help me stay true to the church and know what right and wrong is.

Then I look at my experience here in the MoHo world. Why did I meet all of you and why do I keep writing? Well, I write for myself. I write what I see and I write what I think. I also write for others and I hope that they can gain a different perspective of someone who is happy in life and who is a member of the church, not of one who is struggling and who hates the church. People may not agree with it, but it is me. This is my blog and it is full of me. That's all.

It looks like everyone is starting to defend their decisions and trying to prove to me and to others it is right. I have seen a lot of negative impact because of this and I wonder if it was the right thing to do. I know that the Spirit has told me that it is right, but because I am not perfect I can still doubt the decisions I made to say what I said. I know that they were true though and I know that I am doing the right thing.

I am going to start using the scriptures more often in my posts. I think that this will be good for everyone, especially myself. This is for me.

I still have some posts that I am working on that are just my thoughts. I know for a fact that a lot of you will not agree with what I say, but that is ok because it is for me.

So why do I write? I write for me. It is for warnings, upliftings, thoughts, my understandings, and whatever else it might be, but it is for me. Hopefully, others might be able to use my thoughts and whatever else I decide to post, but that is not important to me. What is important is that I am doing this for me (have I emphasized this enough).

I do not know if any of you have noticed that I have been pulling out the MoHo world. Well, I am telling you that I am. The first step for me was stopping going to the Matis'. It then moved on to more drastic steps. I am lucky to keep this blog going because I have four others that I write for me and some other friends have the opportunity to read about my thoughts and about me.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you all do not have to defend your position because of what I say. It is just a way for me to notice things and strengthen myself. It is for me. Please do not think that I am attacking you or anyone else. I know a couple of my last posts have been directed out to the general public, but they were directed to me as much as it was to you all. I am not going to do this anymore. I am just going to write for me. There will be no direction involved and maybe, just maybe it can help some of you out there.

I feel like I am repeating myself a lot, but I hope that you get the point of my blog. It is for me!


Abelard Enigma said...

I write what I see and I write what I think.

For me personally, that's what I want to read. It helps me to see what others think. It helps me to be more introspective of my own thoughts and beliefs.

playasinmar said...

Don't let anyone tell you your thoughts don'r count.

David said...

Hope to keep hearing from you...I like what you have to say :)

One of So Many said...

I WANT to hear from you. Post more. More more more! You have a viewpoint that needs to be heard.

October Rising said...

Your perspective matters to me.

Distinguishing Preoccupation said...

Thats great that you blog for you and that you want to figure things out on your own... I think if we lived for others expectations we wouldn't be living the way that God wants us to. Life become meaningful when we live according to our own dreams and fulfill our own missions in life.

No one should try to force someone else's hand in life. We all have to learn from our own experience through the windows of our individual paradigms. It sounds like you are doing just that -living for yourself.

Thats what makes blogging so great. You can find out what is really going on in someones mind and heart at a distance and likewise share.

Annabelle said...

This is your blog. You should write about what matters to you.

Oh, and as far as pulling out of the Moho world: don't forget that there are some non-moho's out here associated with the moho world that love you very much!