Spinal Headaches Suck!

06 August 2009
So I found out that I don't have the swine flu. I don't have any other kind of flu. I don't have bronchitis. I don't have strep. I don't have meningitis. I also don't have a whole other slew of diseases that the doctors in the ER tested me for. In fact, they have no idea what is causing me to be sick. The doctors did a culture sample of my of my body fluids to see if anything bacterial is growing or anything at all. This will then give them some idea of what is causing me to be sick. In the meantime, I'm on strong antibiotics and bedridden... yay! The worst part is that I get headaches that aren't headaches. Well, they are but they travel down my whole spine. They are called spinal headaches and they are so debilitating! ugh! They hurt really bad causing my whole body to hurt (there is no comfortable position when I have them). I've never had a migraine before, but I think that spinal headaches are ten times worse! ugh! double ugh! Oh well, I hope that the doctors can give me some good news tomorrow or else you might see me on an episode of House or Mystery Diagnosis!